Three plants that repel unwanted insects in the Garden

plants that repel mosquitoes

Are you a magnet for insects? Then surely your garden or orchard is plagued with mosquitoes that fly in it like they owned the place.

Don't worry, at Matabi we always have a solution, you just have to place some plants strategically in your garden, which will work as an insect repellent.

Insect "repellent" plants give off an oil that little fliers like mosquitoes, flies or horseflies don't like at all. This oil can even be diluted in water to create your own natural insect repellent. Either to apply it to the skin when you go hiking or to reinforce the repellent effect in your garden, spraying your plants and vegetables with the help of the Evolution 2 sprayer, the Evolution 7 or the new electric Evolution 10 LT for larger gardens.

Here are three infallible plants against the most annoying flying critters:


1) Lavender

Lavender scares away moths, fleas, flies and mosquitoes. For centuries, this lilac-colored plant has been used to add a sweet and pleasant fragrance to homes and clothing drawers. And while the vast majority of humans love the smell of lavender, mosquitoes, flies, and other unwanted insects hate it.

Plant Lavender in sunny areas of your garden or near entrances to your home to help keep those areas pest-free. You can also use oil extracted from the flowers as a mosquito repellent, which you can apply to exposed skin when you go to the garden or patio.

repelente de mosquito


2) Petunias

Petunias repel insects that are more annoying for vegetables than for humans: And it is that aphids, tomato horn worms, asparagus beetles and pumpkin bugs among others, are some of the insects that you will be able to repel just by planting some petunias among your vegetables.

Petunias require such minimal maintenance that they are almost foolproof to grow and can be grown in planters, containers, or hanging baskets. Plant them in sunny areas near vegetables and herbs like beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, and basil.


3) Basil

Repel flies and mosquitoes with a little basil in your garden. If you put this edible plant in containers next to those rest areas that you like the most in your garden, you will achieve absolute relaxation without having to endure that unpleasant beeping of mosquitoes.

Basil is also delicious in salads and in many other recipes such as chicken soup or baked pork. And it is that, it is an excellent spice to improve the flavor of certain vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers or asparagus.

albahaca excelente repelente de mosquitos

And finally, as we have seen with lavender, with basil it is also possible to make your own natural insect repellent. You just have to pour eleven centiliters of boiling water into a container containing about 10 freshly cut basil leaves, let the leaves rest for several hours, remove the leaves and squeeze out all the juice with the help of a funnel. Finally mix 11 centiliters of vodka with the basil and water mixture, keep it in the fridge for about 48 hours and voila, you have your repellent!

Now, you only have to choose the Matabi sprayer that you will use to apply it in your garden.


Source: Treehugger

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