1. How to fertilizer the soil in springtime

    When springtime meets Polita

    It is very important to nourish the soil of your vegetable garden with fertilizers in early spring.

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  2. stand up for gardening women on International womens day

    Interview with Lisa Allison, experienced gardener in the UK

    Not long ago women gardeners were quite unusual, but nowadays women are blooming in the gardening industry. Today we celebrate International women's day with a little interview to a fantastic gardener in the UK.

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  3. Benefits of gardening on mental health

    Gardening is good for you!

    Enjoy eating vegetables from your own harvest and discover the benefits of working in the garden

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  4. how to grow tomatoes

    Make some room in your garden for tomatoes

    The trick to growing tasty tomatoes is to choose the best varieties, take good care of the plants, and catch problems before they happen.

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  5. Create sustainable gardens by growing legumes

    Create sustainable gardens by growing legumes

    The nitrogen properties of legumes improve soil fertility, which increases and extends the productivity of farmland

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