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Which sprayer is right for me?

First, you must ask yourself what your requirements will be. It is important to consider the following 3 criteria:

  1. Sector: Agriculture-Garden , Professional Gardening , Urban Vegetable Gardens , Garden-Home .

  2. Surface to be treated: A balcony is not the same as a professional agricultural crop.

  3. Type of application to be carried out on your plants or crops: spray, sprinkling, dosing, etc.

Each family of sprayers has its peculiarities. This allows MATABI to have the ideal product for any use.

Where can I buy a MATABI sprayer?

Just  send us your email and tell us where you are writing to us from. We will be contacting you shortly to provide you with information on your nearest points of sale.

I have already tried everything and my sprayer is not working

At Matabi, we believe in continuous improvement and are interested in knowing the reason for any failure in operation in Matabi sprayers. Please write an email to us with your problem at We will appreciate it if you could send us photos or videos that can help us better detect the failure.

A technician will be contacting you as soon as possible to offer a solution.

Should I clean my sprayer after each use?

For good cleaning and maintenance of your sprayer, we recommend that you read the maintenance rules.

How do I clean my sprayer?

How can I clean my sprayer? You can consult everything you need to know about cleaning your sprayer in the instructions manuals of each sprayer.

Please note that  Maintenance Kit are available for each sprayer, so that you can keep your sprayer always ready.

Do you have spare parts and accessories?

At Matabi, we offer a wide range of:

  1. Original Maintenance Kit that extend the service life of your sprayer, replacing parts easily.

  2. Accessories to customise your sprayer by adapting it to your application needs (height, hard-to-reach areas, between rows, etc.).

  3. Spare Parts to keep your sprayer always ready and extend its life cycle.

It is important that they be original MATABI spare parts and components to ensure the correct operation and better efficiency in your treatments.

If you need a spare part, accessory or kit, you can get the information you need at the point of sale where you purchased your Matabi sprayer, and if you do not get what you are looking for, you can contact us.

How do I get to spray hard-to-reach areas?

To reach high, remote or hard-to-access areas, we offer you , FLEXIBLE DOUBLE NOZZLE , 6 m HOSE , among other items.

Check our Accessories section for more information.

Choose according to your need.

I want to be a distributor. Where can I contact you?

You can consult the section Become a Distributor where you will find more detailed information and the form to fill out.

None of my questions are clarified in the FAQ. Who can I contact?

At Matabi, we consider it important to service any questions or needs you may have. Therefore, we offer a personalised service in which our professionals will answer your questions. Contact us.