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Did you know that spraying without a pressure regulator could cause you several problems when it comes to carrying out your treatments and applications?

When there is variation in pressure throughout your treatment, the flow rate and the quantity of product applied to each plant does not remain constant, which may lead to overdosage or under-dosage:

  • Problems of overdosage: your plants could receive a higher dose than necessary, which could lead to contamination, both of the environment and of your plants. In addition, you will be wasting product.
  • Disadvantages of under-dosage: if not enough product is received you will not eradicate the problem that you are treating, leading to its reappearance, with the resulting waste of time and money to repeat the application. You also run the risk of creating resistance in pests, diseases or weeds that you want to eliminate.

In order to avoid these two situations, Matabi includes the pressure regulator developed and patented by Goizper in all its backpack sprayers, which makes it possible to keep the flow rate and dosage of product that comes out of the nozzle constant throughout the entire application, guaranteeing even spraying. Thanks to this you can be successful in your treatment, save time and product and avoid pollution (from the user and the chemical waste in the treated product), as well as the appearance of resistance.

Each pressure regulator adapts to the different types of application thanks to its three positions.

Position of Matabi´s pressure regulator

Position of the pressure regulator:

Red or low pressure position

Ideal for applying herbicide since it reduces drift by generating bigger drops.

Pressure regulator red position

Green or high pressure position

Recommended for insecticides and fungicides generating smaller drops and giving more cover and penetration.

Pressure regulator green position

Off position

To depressurise the chamber and carry out cleaning and maintenance.

Pressure regulator off position