Monthly Archives: November 2021

  1. Celebrate Green Friday with Matabi

    In Matabi we do Green Friday

    Celebrate Green Friday with Matabi. An alternative to compulsive consumption to make us reflect on the irresponsible consumption that we tempt to do on Black Friday

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  2. Choosing the right garden sprayer

    Choosing the right garden sprayer

    The choice of the right sprayer depends on many factors, this decision does not always have to be based on the size of your garden or orchard, but on the use that you are thinking of giving to the sprayer.

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  3. Matabis sustainable commitments

    Changes towards a sustainable commitment

    En Matabi hemos integrado el compromiso sostenible en el ADN de la empresa

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  4. Veggies and fruits in november

    Veggies and fruits in November

    November is a month of changes in the garden, but it is also the month in which autumn sets in. The temperatures are still mild and there are still autumn vegetables that we can harvest or even plant on this month.

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