Gardening tips

  1. how to take care of indoor plants

    Why do my indoor plants look so Leggy?

    Some houseplants do their best to reach the light so they can produce enough energy to survive.

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  2. plants that repel mosquitoes

    Three plants that repel unwanted insects in the Garden

    Did you know that there are some plants that repel the most annoying insects? Lavender, basil or petunias are some of them.

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  3. How to create a green corner in your house

    The garden, your little paradise

    There is a before and after the pandemic. This virus has completely changed our lives, and specially the way we feel about staying home. Discover how to create a wonderful green space in your house.
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  4. Matabi electric gardening sprayer e1

    Do not forget spraying your plants in the hot summer

    Spraying greatly increases the humidity level around the plants and lowers the temperature, creating the kind of habitat in which they thrive. This summer take care of your plants with Matabi electric sprayer e1.

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  5. How to grow a lemon tree

    Is just a lemon yellow tree

    Discover how to grow a lemon tree and how to take care of it with the Matabi electric sprayer e1

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