How to fertilizer the soil in springtime

Springtime is here! Is your veggie garden prepared for its arrival?

A good level of compost in the soil is necessary at the beginning of this beautiful season. It has been a regular winter and therefore the lack of snow cover and the lack of deep freezing in many countries have caused poor nutrient filtration in some areas.

Snow is sometimes called nature's fertilizer because it picks up atmospheric nitrogen and stores it. These precious white flakes, when melted, will also guarantee an important source of nitrogen for soil biology. That's one of the reasons plants turn green in spring. And it is that some experts say that soil biology is more active in the water that melts under the snow.

Providing nutrients for soil biology is the best way to help plants develop healthy, deep roots that will also help them later survive the challengy summer.

And we cannot think of a better time to introduce you to Matabi's new sprayer Polita 7.


Feed your garden with Polita 7

The word 'Polita' means BEAUTIFUL in basque, and so it is! This sprayer has a very stylish design and its undeniable that it will look very neat in your garden.

how to fertilize the lawn in spring

Polita 7 is suitable for fertilizers of natural origin, as long as you strain them well before introducing the liquid solution into the tank. It has a 5 liter capacity, more than enough for medium-small size gardens. It comes with a very comfortable shoulder strap for transport and its tank and hose are translucent to visualize the liquid well. Its safety valve will give you an extra security feature since you will avoid the risk of overpressure.

The Maintenance of the Polita 7 does not require tools since the disassembly of the pressure chamber can be easilly done manually. In addition, at Matabi we have Maintenance Kits so that you can make the relevant spare parts when your sprayer needs it.


Recycle and fertilize your garden with banana peel tea

As you may have already read, the Polita 7 sprayer is suitable for applying fertilizers of natural origin and today we are going to talk about a fertilizer that works very well in these first doses of spring: Banana peel tea.

The slippery skins of bananas are loaded with nutrients, including potassium, phosphorous and calcium, and when used as a fertilizer, they help improve overall plant strength, stronger stems and stronger roots.

how to make banana peel tea

You can throw banana peels directly into your garden, but making banana peel tea is a much more effective method of delivering needed nutrients more efficiently to your plants.

How to do it: Keep a pitcher of water in your fridge about three-quarters full. Place the discarded peels of the bananas that you have eaten in the pitcher of water until it is full. After about a week, strain the liquid and store it in a jar.

How to apply: Dilute this concentrated liquid solution 5:1 (five parts water to one part tea) and apply with the Polita 7 at the base of your garden plants; this mix is ​​great for potassium-loving plants like tomatoes and peppers. But you need to keep in mind that this tea does not contain nitrogen, so you will have to give your garden and extra of nitrogen.

how to spray natural fertilizer with Matabi

¡Bonus! Adding this liquid fertilizer to your garden is also great for deterring aphids, these little bugs hate the smell of bananas.

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