Veggies and fruits in november

November is a month of changes in the garden, but it is also the month in which autumn sets in. The temperatures are still mild and there are still autumn vegetables that we can plant this month.

A great time for peas

Peas belong to the legume family, plants that produce pods with seeds inside: Lentils, chickpeas, beans, etc.
However, green peas are commonly cooked as a vegetable.
Fall is the best season to plant them and they are an excellent option for those who venture to create their own garden. And it is that during its cultivation this legume gives off nitrogen in the land, so it benefits that the next plantings that are made in that land are successful.

Sembrar guisantes

To plant them, we must find a place that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. Peas are plants that require a lot of space between them, so between each seed that we bury there must be at least 20 cm of distance.
Due to the nitrogen they give off, it is not necessary to make an abundant compost, with a little compost is enough. And to combat fungi, which can always be present, we recommend preparing a natural slurry and spraying it on the plants of your peas with the wonderful Berry 1.5 or with the extremely comfortable Matabi electric sprayer e1.
In November we will stop seeing fruit trees with flowers, but we will continue collecting.

Oranges and Lemons

Starting in October, we can start harvesting citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. And for a successful collection we must abide by the following steps:

  • Avoid picking damp or wet fruit

When the skin is wet, it is easier to mark the fingers on the fruit when harvesting, in addition, in the humidity the fungus grows and the citrus fungus is really difficult to detect.

  • Don't collect the fruit in one go

By pulling the fruit off its tree, we run the risk of also pulling off some part of the skin, turning this fruit into direct destruction.

Naranjas y limones

  • Try to avoid injuries to the fruit

It is important not to dig in your nails or squeeze the fruit too much at the time of harvest.

  • Don't collect fruits from the ground

The fruits that are on the ground have received an impact when falling, so the tissues will be weaker and will also be in contact with the fungi.