Matabis sustainable commitments
Concern for sustainability and the environment has increased in recent years. We have all heard about global warming, increasing CO2 emissions or the importance of recycling. It is undeniable that the planet needs our help and that the actions to confront it concern to everyone.
At Matabi we are very aware of the situation and we have integrated this commitment into the DNA of the company, either in our behavior or in our industrial processes.

The main actions carried out by Matabi as part of the development of our CSR approach are detailed below.


Bye bye plastic

Cardboard is a biodegradable, resistant and versatile material and that is why we have chosen to replace our plastic packaging with this new material.
In addition, all of our cardboard suppliers are certified by FSC, an international NGO committed to responsible forest management.

embalaje de cartón sostenible


Save product and water

Water is one of our most precious assets, so we must preserve the resource when we treat crops.

Thanks to the Matabi pressure regulator, the flow rate of the treatment used throughout the application is kept constant. Therefore, it allows the homogeneity of the spraying while achieving a saving in the volume of treatments carried out.

ahorra producto y agua con el regulador de presión de Matabi

In addition to the pressure regulator, all of our backpack sprayers are equipped with a standard nozzle kit that allows you to choose and use the nozzle that best suits the treatment to be carried out.

Therefore, with the pressure regulator and a suitable nozzle, we use the correct amount of water. We also avoid the problems of overdose or underdosing, thus ensuring the success of the treatment.


Extend the life of your sprayer

Generally speaking, when a part of an appliance breaks down, we are used to buying a new product instead of repairing it. This way of acting increases the level of waste we produce.

alarga la vida de tu pulverizador

Aware of this situation, at Matabi we offer maintenance kits to replace the most worn or damaged parts, which will extend the life of your sprayer.


We also guarantee the availability of spare parts for all MATABI sprayers.


Do not hesitate to visit our website to find out all the actions carried out around the sustainable commitment.


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