The best Matabi sprayers for your veggie garden
Urban gardens have rapidly become widespread thanks to the greater environmental awareness and their ease of growing one’s own fruits and vegetables in small spaces.

Although, for each of the tasks generated by the cultivation and maintenance of an urban garden, the tools corresponding to each job must always be used.

A good Matabi sprayer will help protect plants in all processes that require applying natural treatments.

Depending on the need and intensity of use, Matabi has a wide range of sprayers. Today we show you four Matabi Sprayers just perfect for your veggie garden!


Evolution 7

The rounded lines of the Evolution 7 make this sprayer comfortable to use and at the same time ergonomic. In addition, it includes many other features that facilitate work, maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of natural treatments. It is an ideal sprayer if you have just started in the world of the garden, a product that is very easy to use.

For a person who is fond of gardening or who has just innitiated in the world of gardening, this is deffinitely a very easy to use device.

Matabi sprayer Evolution 7


Electric sprayer e1

The Matabi e1 electric sprayer is the perfect tool to keep the flowers and plants of your small garden in perfect condition.

This battery operated sprayer is very comfortable and easy to use and has a wide autonomy. With a single charge (two AA batteries), you can spray at least 15 liters, that is, 15 times the capacity contained in the tank.


Desherbage 7

A vegetable garden is not free of weeds, and for this my friend, you must be prepared. Weeds can grow in inhospitable places like on rooftops or between tiles. They have a great resistance to other plants and their sophisticated reproduction and dispersal system can spoil your garden in a very short time.

But don't worry, this is what Matabi's Desherbage 7 was invented for. A 5 liter capacity sprayer, ideal for targeted applications in your urban garden.


pulverizador desherbage 7

It is a really easy to use sprayer. It contains a wide filling mouth, a handle and carrying strap to be able to carry it comfortably to all those areas in which you must apply, an extendable lance of up to 42 cm to reach areas of difficult access, translucent tank to be able to see at all times the product inside and a conical bell for precise and localized application of the treatment, thus avoiding the drift of the product in surrounding plants.


Evolution 2

This one and a half liter capacity sprayer is an evolution of the constant learning we have at Matabi thanks to the feedback we get from our customers.

The Evolution 2 has a large filler neck with a diameter of 8 centimeters to facilitate the entry of the liquid into the reservoir. When you finish the application, you can place it on any type of floor thanks to its stable base that also gives it a very original design touch.


Inside, it contains a depressurizable safety valve, an adjustable conical nozzle to adjust the spray to the application that best suits your needs and two features that make the evolution 2 the winner in ergonomics among the smaller Matabi sprayers: A very comfortable grip and a comfortable button (actuator).


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