Benefits of gardening on mental health

When the pandemic began in early 2020, many people found themselves in an isolated situation. Concerned about empty supermarket shelves, a record number of people started growing at home and within weeks, seeds, seedlings and fruit trees were sold out at garden centres.

Well, this push for gardening was actually a great idea. It is one of the healthiest hobbies!

Read on to learn about the many benefits that the orchard and garden bring to your health. 


1. Gardening burns calories

Gardening is considered moderate intensity exercise. You can burn around 330 calories with just an hour of gardening and light work in your garden. According to experts, this activity burns more than walking at a moderate pace in the same period of time.

A group of men and women who participated in a community gardening program also had significantly lower BMIs (body mass indexes) than their similar neighbors, according to a 2013 study in the American Journal of Public Health.

gardening burns calories


2. Vitamin D exposure

Vitamin D increases calcium levels, which benefits the bones and the immune system.

Therefore, outdoor activities like gardening are a perfect way to enjoy the sun while engaging in a fun hobby. Of course, do not forget the sunscreen and sunglasses!


3. Gardening helps fight loneliness

Many people find themselves in a situation with fewer opportunities for socialization, or so they feel at least... But this does not have to be the case.

Community gardens can be a fun way to connect with others while providing benefits to neighborhoods.

garden community feeling

Sharing this green space with your neighbors will make you feel part of a special project where the participants will join in the care and maintenance of the garden and then share those fresh and healthy vegetables that you have been growing.

And it is that you will also contribute to urban greening, thus combating climate change.


4. Take shelter in your garden after a stressful day

Gardening can help you recover if you've experienced something stressful.

In a 2011 study at Wageningen Research University in the Netherlands, researchers exposed study participants to a stressful activity. They then asked half of the group to spend time reading quietly and the other half to spend time gardening.

how to grow vegetables at home

When the researchers tested the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their bodies, they found that the gardening group recovered from stress better than the reading group. The gardening group also reported that their mood had returned to a positive state, while fewer readers had.


5. Feel proud to eat your own veggies

And what better opportunity and pride than eating your own vegetables that you have taken care of for weeks with all your love. You have experienced the entire process from scratch and you know very well how free they are from chemical products since you yourself have been the one who has watered and sprayed them with products of natural origin to deal with those pests that sooner or later show up in your garden.

In addition, enjoying your own homegrown meals is also positive for your self-esteem and personal growth.



Source: HealthLine, Aarp & GoodHouseKeeping

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