The tradition of the Christmas Poinsettia

The tradition of having Poinsettias at Christmas decorations is inspired by a Mexican folk tale about a poor girl named Pepita who had no gift for baby Jesus at a Christmas Eve. Her cousin Pedro, trying to cheer her up, told her that even the smallest gift would be enough, so Pepita picked up some weeds that grew near the church.

When she walked up to the altar and placed the weeds as a gift, they suddenly transformed into bright red flowers that we know today as Poinsettia. For this reason, this plant is also known as the "Christmas Flower".

Symbolically it is also considered that the star shape of these flowers is similar to the star that led the three wise men to the manger where the baby Jesus was lying in Christmas Eve, and thats another reason why many people incorporates them into their Christmas decorations.

The poinsettia can mean a lot to someone during Christmas. It definitely deserves its place (next to mistletoe or holly) as one of the best flowers of this magical time of year.


Make your Poinsettia last all year

The poinsettia can be a difficult plant to keep alive after Christmas and many people throw it away after the holidays. However, with a little care and attention, it is possible to keep her safe and sound all year long.


1) The location is important

It is important to place them in a place where it receives a plenty of natural light and away from windy spaces; If you notice that the leaves start losing color, find another location away from excesive heat or dry areas in your house like fireplaces or heaters.

The origings of Christmas Poinsettias

2) Keep it hydrated but don't choke it 

Not overdoing your watering is vital; The poinsettias are related to cactus and in this family plants have an inner liquid that keeps them alive without the need of too much water. Therefore, it is better to wait and water them when you start to see some dryness in the soil.

3) Related to cactus, but not very close

Unlike its third cousin, the cactus, the Poinsettia feels very comfortable in humid environments, which is why we recommend spraying its leaves frequently with warm water during its flowering season (from November to February).

How to take care of poinsettias

At Matabi we offer you a wide range of Sprayers for the care of your plants. And in addition of keeping your Christmas plant in a humid athmosphere if you place it in a volcanic pot, your Poinsettia will feel very happy.

4) Key months: October and November

In these months it is essential that your Poinsettia does not receive light for more than 12 hours a day. It is a short-day plant so its flowering depends on the length of the day. If it has long hours of daylight, the plant grows, but not the beautiful red flowers. This may sound crazy to you, but to make sure the plant is in the dark for at least 12 hours straight, cover the plant with a black plastic bag from dusk until the next morning.

If you do it every day during these two weeks, from Matabi we promise that you will see your Poinsettia bloom again just for Christmas.


Source: Floraqueen

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