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Autumn is the time of year when you can already feel the cool breeze in the air. Although many people ignore the opportunity for fall gardening during this season, the colorful buds and flowers can add to the beauty of your landscape. The cold season is approaching, yes, but for that reason we should not neglect the garden.

Having a flower garden in the fall seems like a strange idea because there are fewer hours of sunshine and the temperature is lower. However, there are many reasons why you should plant flowers in the fall:


1) Cooler weather

In this season of the year, you will not have to worry about the excessive heat caused by the higher summer temperatures. You will enjoy spending the day outdoors and taking care of your garden much more.

Cooler temperatures make fall gardening more pleasant.


2) No pests

With the cooler temperature, fewer pests lurk around your garden. Thus, you will have more time to enjoy your garden with a good book and to spend more time taking good care of your flowers.


3) Get a good bargain

This is the time of year when garden centers bring out their seasonal sales and discounts; therefore, you can take advantage of the numerous offers and locate the best flowers and tools for your garden.

cuidados del jardin en otoño


4) Grow a wide variety of flowers

There is a wide range of flowers that grow best during the colder seasons. And the right combination of colors for your fall flowers will make your garden look stunning.


Three flowers for your Autmn garden

In this season, you can choose from a full selection of brightly colored flowers to enhance your lawn and home beautifully. Your garden will take a whole new perspective and make your environment productive amid natural leaf fall.


1) Purple Emperors

The 'Sedum Telephium', commonly known as Purple Emperor, is a succulent perennial flower with burgundy red leaves. Its presence in the garden attracts butterflies as it provides a useful source of nectar for pollinating insects. It usually grows to a height of 45 cm.

Midwives grow in a sunny position in well-drained soil and these are preferably enriched with natural fertilizers. Nettle slurry is a homemade fertilizer that works very well, and it can be very easily applied with the new Matabi Evolution 2 sprayer.

matabi evolution 2


2) Dahlias

Dahlias, when combined with other fall flowers, can create a beautiful range of colors in your garden.

They generally bloom during the summer and last until the spring frosts. Dahlia's best flowering occurs in full sun with sufficient and constant humidity throughout its growing season. This decorative plant blooms to its full potential in the fall. It can be placed in ceramic vases for its excellent vase life or combined in your garden with different ornamental plants.



3) Echinacea

One of the best perennials you can grow during the fall. This plant stands out for its giant, bold flowers with pinkish-purple petals that lie flat in a different way than the usual drooping appearance of most echinaceae.

These plants grow in stands up to 3 feet tall, thriving in full sun or light shade during their early stages.

The ideal home for this beautiful plant is medium to medium dry, well-drained soil. And don't be surprised to see hummingbirds and butterflies hovering in your garden, they both love echinaceae.


Growing flowers that bloom in the fall is a great option for relieving stress while improving your lawn during the cooler seasons. Take advantage of the many reasons you should go ahead with fall gardening: perfect weather, fewer pests, and a wide variety of flowers to grow.


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