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SUPER 16 - Backpack sprayer - Hand sprayers - Manual Sprayers

Manual backpack sprayer with a metal lance integrated in the handle, lever, and metal nozzle. It includes a pressure regulator that ensures homogeneous spraying of the entire treated area. Sprayer suitable for use in extensions exceeding 400 m².
Intensity of use high
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Functional information

  1. Lance/lever support
  2. Brass lance integrated into the lever
  3. 3-position pressure regulator
  4. Natural concentric chamber with FPM retainer
  5. Large filling opening
  6. Side sight glass
  7. Reinforced straps

Technical information

Hose 1,3 m (PVC)
Standard nozzles Metallic adjustable conical
Lance Brass
Useful capacity 16 L
Total capacity 16,8 L - 4,5 US Gals
Litres/Min. 1,5 bar 0,7 l/min
Litres/Min. 3 bar 1 l/min
Net weight 4,27 Kgs - 9,40 Lbs
Wide filler opening YES
REINFORCED pressure chamber YES
Standard accessories Pressure regulator, herbicide accessory, two seals (1 rubber and 1 synthetic) and a dispenser.
Lance and extensions Lance/Lever
Straps Reinforced
Chamber seal FPM
Pressure regulator YES (3 positions)
Handle Stainless steel


Spare parts

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