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The Matabi back forest fire extinguisher has a capacity of 17 litres. It is suitable for assisting in extinguishing fires, used in situations of

  • Direct response in areas of weak and/or emerging fire.
  • Indirect response in operations such as defence line support, controlled burns, fire breaks, secondary fire control and stand-off operations.
It includes a long-range lance (8-12m) to guarantee the safety perimeter between the user and the area to be treated. Easy and comfortable to use thanks to its padded straps and adjustable belt.


  • Highly resistant tank against extreme temperatures.
  • Achieves a powerful and far-reaching stream thanks to its double-acting lance.
  • Includes padded lumbar support for greater ergonomics.
  • Avoids hose tangling thanks to its anti-twist system.
  • Airtight cap with an improved valve to reduce the risk of liquid leakage and spillage.

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Scope of use

Functional information

  1. Nozzle specially designed to optimise the stream and scope of the spray
  2. Simple assembly system for easy cleaning and maintenance
  3. Stopper with hermetic seal and pressure release valve
  4. Lance fastening
  5. Ergonomic and translucent tank
  6. Hose fastening for transport
  7. Integrated handle
  8. Sight glass
  9. Padded, adjustable straps with waist fastening
  10. Lumbar support, greater comfort
  11. Double-acting pump body to optimise effort

Technical information

Hose 1,75m (PVC)
Standard nozzles Adjustable brass conical nozzle
Lance Chromed-plated brass lance with dual effect hydronette system
Useful capacity 17 L
Total capacity 17,5 L
Gross weight 3,84 Kg
Net weight 3,35 Kg
Wide filler opening YES
TRANSLUCENT level indicator YES
Lance and extensions Lance/Hose
Straps Padded and adjustable, with waist support
Vertical stream range 7m
Horizontal stream range 12m
Horizontal spray range 4m

Spare parts

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