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EVOLUTION 16 AGRO - Manual backpack sprayer

Versatile manual backpack sprayer with 16 litre capacity. It includes a selection of nozzles that allows different types of application. Sprayer suitable for use in large gardens.


  • Robust and resistant stainless steel lance.
  • Greater strength and performance to agrochemicals thanks to the robustness of the seal and the stainless steel handle.
  • Maintenance without tools.
  • Homogeneous treatment thanks to the pressure regulator.
  • Possibility of mixing inside the tank thanks to the translucent liquid level indicator.
  • Ambidextrous and lightweight keeping the ergonomics.
  • Suitable for application of products of natural origin (pelargonic, acetic, etc…).

Intensity of use high
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Scope of use

Functional information

  1. Stainless steel handle
  2. Pressure regulator
  3. Lance/lever support
  4. Stainless steel lance
  5. Integrated system to release the cylinder without emptying
  6. Reinforced chamber with FPM retainer for intensive use
  7. Integrated and comfortable transport handle
  8. Large filling opening
  9. Translucent liquid level indicator
  10. Adjustable padded straps
  11. Ergonomic and robust clamping nut

Technical information

Hose 1,3 m (PVC)
Standard nozzles Metallic adjustable conical
Lance Stainless steel
Useful capacity 16 L
Total capacity 17,7 L
Litres/Min. 1,5 bar 0,7 l/min
Litres/Min. 3 bar 1 l/min
Net weight 3,62 Kg
Integrated system to release the cylinder without emptying YES
Wide filler opening YES
Set of nozzles for herbicide and insecticide treatments YES
REINFORCED pressure chamber YES
TRANSLUCENT level indicator YES
Standard accessories Pressure regulator, set of nozzles (herbicide elbow plus fan, mirror and disc nozzles), two seals (1 rubber and 1 synthetic) and a dispenser. 
Lance and extensions Lance/Lever
Straps Adjustable and padded
Chamber seal FPM
Pressure regulator YES (3 positions)
Handle Stainless steel


Spare parts

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